Adetege Opeyemi Akisanya

adetege opeyemi AFC

Our director boasts a diverse professional background, having commenced their journey as a healthcare worker in 2013 and subsequently transitioning to the role of a domiciliary care worker in 2014, providing crucial support to clients within the familiarity of their own homes. Since August 2014, they have been an invaluable part of the Avenues Group, focusing on supported living for young individuals aged 16-24 encountering challenges such as behavioral complexities, autism, mental health issues, and various complex needs.

Starting as a dedicated support worker, our director swiftly ascended to the position of a team leader. A key aspect of their role involved serving as a key worker for two young individuals within the home. They actively contributed to the development, implementation, monitoring, and updating of support plans and risk management plans for these young people. Additionally, they organized and participated in best interest decision meetings every three months, collaborating with the young person, social worker, family or advocate, and the manager.

Beyond their role in supporting young people with independent living skills, our director assumed responsibilities for home maintenance, conducted staff spot checks, and served as the appointed fire officer, overseeing weekly health and safety and fire checks. Their commitment to continuous improvement is evident through the completion of various training programs, including Level 2 Autism training, DND de-escalating training, and other mandatory courses.

With a rich educational background encompassing a degree in Politics and Education, a PGDiploma in Accounting and Economics, and certifications in ICA, PRINCE2, and Business Analysis, our director brings a holistic perspective to their role.

Playing a pivotal role in the lives of the young people, our director facilitated the creation of activity planners and appointment diaries. They actively supported individuals by accompanying them to appointments and engaging in activities tailored to their medium to high level of support needs. Notably, they successfully assisted a young person initially unable to venture into the community, gradually progressing from garden visits to short episodes in streets and local areas.

In October 2018, our director assumed the roles of Care Coordinator Manager and Out of Hours Manager until 2021. In 2021, they joined Platinum Care on a full-time basis as a Director and a Pioneer, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to holistic care for individuals with diverse needs.

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