Abi Solanke

abi solanke

I am a highly qualified and experienced individual with a master’s degree in international relations and a bachelor’s degree in social work. With over twelve years of diverse experience, I have worked in various departments within local government and the Ministry of Justice, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

My professional journey has been a multifaceted one, involving contributions to departments such as Adult and Older People Services, Crime Reduction, Children Services, and the Family Court. This diverse experience has equipped me with a well-rounded perspective, enabling me to tackle complex challenges in various domains effectively.

My commitment to professional development and my ability to mentor and guide others in the field are exemplified by my attainment of a Practice Educator Award. This recognition underscores my dedication to not only staying current in my profession but also helping others grow and excel in their roles.

In my capacity as a Family Court Adviser with the Ministry of Justice, I specialise in providing top tier safeguarding advice, report writing, and in-depth analysis for the Court. My work revolves around ensuring the best interests of children involved in Family Proceedings, thereby safeguarding their well-being and safety. This role demands sound judgment and decision-making, and I take pride in consistently delivering results that prioritize the paramountcy of child well-being.

In my previous role as a senior social work practitioner, I conducted risk-based assessments and made independent decisions based on comprehensive evaluations of service users’ needs. I excel at identifying risk factors, recommending appropriate actions, and ensuring the safeguarding and welfare of children and families in strict adherence to relevant policies and procedures.

Having served as a quality assurance officer in the past, I gained valuable experience in inspecting the day-to-day operations of children’s homes. My responsibilities included evaluating the overall experiences and progress of children and young people in care homes, with a strong focus on ensuring their protection and the effectiveness of leadership and management. My meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a commitment to compliance and staff development, contributed significantly to the maintenance of high standards of practice in these settings.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated an ability to exercise professional judgment, think critically, and make well-informed decisions that have a direct impact on the safety and well-being of individuals, particularly children and families involved in court proceedings. My approach to risk assessment and needs-based evaluations is characterized by adaptability and a keen awareness of the unique circumstances of each case, allowing me to address specific needs and challenges effectively.



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